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Sovos Brands

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Building credibility with key constituencies



How do you serve up a new kind of food company comprised of one-of-a-kind brands in a way that is relevant to investors, consumers and new hires? Growing rapidly, Sovos Brands needed a redesigned and more robust website to help inspire and establish credibility with key constituencies that were critical to its growth.

 The strategy was simple: Build a new flavor of corporate website.  


The Sovos website departed from the typical approach employed by competitors - stock imagery and an uninspired personalty. Instead, the approach was borne from a human experience, featuring a unique tone of voice and warm, engaging visuals to make it clear that Sovos Brands was not a robotic corporation.  

 Key Attributes:

  • Responsive design framework

  • Flexible Content Management System

  • Photography-driven design

  • Optimized for search


The Results:

As the website was not a consumer facing website, the primary metrics for evaluation hinged on qualitative feedback from the leadership team, customers and partners, who all relayed a resoundingly positive thumbs up.

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