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B2B social done better



Intel was undergoing a significant business transformation on a massive scale, moving from a PC-focused company to a data-centric company.  Intel’s social media presence was a critical element in supporting the highly watched transformation. However, Intel’s execution on social had been less than stellar and the competition was heating up. To resonate, Intel needed to be more relevant.

The strategy: Leverage social to directly and authentically engage in meaningful conversations, in order to build long-term relationships with the customers and audiences that matter most to Intel.


The approach

  • Defined a user journey in order to identify specific content needs at critical moments for critical audiences.

  • Leveraged those insights to define an overall vision, social behavior, a purpose and role for each social platform, handle strategy and criteria and creative content standards

  • Defined critical social content for Intel across 3 different tiers

  • Defined new KPI’s, establishing benchmarks against key engagement metrics for content types and formats and tracking engagement metrics to drive ongoing creative optimization.

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The content

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Tier 1: Atomized storytelling

The Transatlantic Road Trip: Followed the journey and data of one autonomous vehicle on an expedition to the other side of the world. While the content was presented as a road trip, it was really about Intel technology, and demonstrating how it applies to our audience’s business.

Tier 2: Owning a moment

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Leveraged industry events and innovation milestones to present a strong POV that only Intel could have


Tier 3: Always On content

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Developed recurring content blocks in order to drive consistent engagement with our audience, including featuring innovation at Intel, employees developing breakthroughs, and Intel in the wild (how Intel impacts your life).


The results

  • Global social strategy adapted by key stakeholders across markets

  • Tripled engagement rate on Twitter and doubled engagement rate on Linkedin