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Deriving value beyond core products from PepsiCo's billion dollar brands



Imagine if..

The globe stood for more than just cola?

The next generation engaged with Lays without ever picking up the bag?

Brand building didn't cost money, it made money. 



Welcome to....


Recognizing that mature brands with positive equity and large awareness have value beyond what's inside the bag, bottle or box, played a key role in developing and launching an internal agency designed to develop and monetize intellectual property for PepsiCo's billion dollar global brands outside their core products:

  • Spearheaded the vision for the agency's capabilities and pitched it to potential clients

  • Worked with clients Lays, Pepsi, Tropicana and Quaker to develop an ethos that transcends a product or category and would serve as a guiding light as the brand diversified its offerings.

  • Developed marketing plans comprised of product extensions, branded experiences and entertainment-driven content, including the Kola House, licensing businesses for Pepsi and 7Up, and Black Knight Decoded, a film produced by Pepsi and the Creator's League.


"Crazy Enough to Invent The Future"


As a result of the success of the agency, received PepsiCo’s “Crazy Enough to Invent the Future” Award in recognition of “outstanding behavior that pushes the boundaries, challenges the way we think and transforms the way we work as a business.”