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Alongside a suite of evergreen marketing and branding capabilities developed from classic CPG training, I bring an unconventional skillset well-suited for an always changing landscape, acknowledged by PepsiCo when I received the company's "Crazy Enough to Invent The Future" annual award in recognition of “outstanding behavior that pushes the boundaries, challenges the way we think and transforms the way we work as a business."

Beginning my career in marketing in entertainment and media, I was exposed to a marketing model untapped by consumer brands. Inspired by how talent, TV shows and movies market, I learned to build ecosystems around brands that went beyond advertising, spanning content, product extensions and experiences. As consumers have become more elusive, understanding how to draw them in with a diverse array of offerings alongside traditional techniques has become even more important.   

 My services include:


Brand Management and Strategy

Brand Partnerships

Consumer & Trend Research




Marketing Innovation and Execution

Social Media and Digital

Celebrity Integration

 PR & Communications